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 Driftwood Collective

A multidimensional approach to film and
music production, as well as to creative
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About Driftwood Collective

The Driftwood Collective is the initiative of two multidisciplinary artists and producers, Daniel Connolly and Enora Sanschagrin. Its projects weave together the fields of filmmaking, music, writing, and visual arts. It aims to promote artists from all over Canada as well as work with a rich variety of talents from everywhere in the country.

Its process is organic and favors the ecology of hand-to-hand relationship. It involves extensive field research in which its members develop personal artistic relationships all over the country.

Driven by characters who adopt alternative approaches to living, either by nature or by philosophy, Daniel and Enora drift about, collecting through travels and tales, both documentary and fictitious, the unique traits and values exhaled by the unnoticed, the off-the-grid, the dreamers, the self-taught but always resourceful living poets who occupy the outskirts of society. They drift between the city and the country, discovering, sketching and archiving the characters they encounter and draw inspiration from. 

With a feature film in development as well as a cross-country adventure to document musicians and luthiers across the country, they write songs and short stories, record music and faces along the way, combining the ongoing product of their field research and practice into a multidimensional approach to film and music production as well as to creative living in action.

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Help support The Driftwood Trail discover and record musical talents in Canada!


In the tradition of Alan Lomax and Helen Creighton, The Driftwood Trail is currently traveling through Canada documenting authentic and talented musicians across the country.

Daniel Connolly, Enora Sanschagrin and Keast Mutter have been meeting and recording musicians every day for the past months. Currently exploring the vast mainlands of British-Columbia, they will be continuing this grandiose Trans-Canadian project all the way back to the East Coast. 

The Driftwood Trail initiative is currently rolling on its member’s personal budget. Their passion and full-time involvement is expected to carry the project forward into a country-wide rich collection of music, rooted in the ongoing flow of folk and the history of the people of Canada.

The Go Fund Me campaign is launched to help them pursue their field collecting of all the talented personalities niched in every corner of every province of Canada. Every contribution is precious in allowing more musicians to be able to participate in the project.

The project began in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in the beginning of June 2020, and has recorded hundreds of performances and interviews through the country all the way to the gulf islands of the West Coast and beyond. 

The Driftwood Trail’s field collection will be gathered in the form of serial documentaries, as well as an extensive library of grass root performances from every corner of the country. The Trail is offering hundreds of musicians of all ages and backgrounds a unique platform to be discovered and listened to. All performances are recorded in outdoor locations, offering the audience a glimpse of the great canadian landscape along with a genuine and intimate musical recording.

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Driftwood Trail 2020

Keast Mutter / Daniel Connolly / Enora Sanschagrin


Driftwood Trail

The Driftwood Trail aims to promote musicians from coast to coast as well as people who embody the ideals of wholesome community-based lifestyles.

Check out our social media links below for unique musical performances from across the country!


On June 4th, 2020, two musicians and filmmakers, Daniel and Enora, picked up a large piece of driftwood from Margaree Harbour in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and tied it to the roof of their vehicle. Equipped with guitars, note pads, cameras and sound gear, the two drifters began their journey to film musical performances, stories and personalities across the country: The Driftwood Trail.

The trail began on Peter Leblanc’s ‘Front Porch Farm’ in Cape Breton Island. Peter has been hosting music gatherings for years under the name of ‘Margaree Harvest Fest’ and collects records and phone numbers of musicians across the country. The recommendations from his contact list traced the first steps of the Driftwood Trail. Thus the treasure hunt begins: one musician leads to another: “Oh if you go through there you have to meet this one too! She’s a character! He’s a ripper!” 

The Driftwood Trail embarks on a country-wide musical adventure, tracing an alternative path through the Canadian Landscape of Folk. Working its way exclusively through word of mouth, the Trail travels from the East to the West coast by following musicians’ recommendations, stopping along the way by luthiers, organic farms and other resettling movements in the country. As the conversation threads between people’s stories, experiences, ideas and ideals, it weaves an organic mosaic of canadian musicians and communities, tied together by the question of today’s traditional music and its relationship with the land.

The structure is deliberately fluid, recording the trail as it unravels from Peter Leblanc’s genesis list. From this original thread is weaved a mosaic of communities and musicians across the country. Performances, jam sessions, interviews and informal conversations create a net of musical and ideological ties that encapsulate the diversity of the Canadian landscape. Conversations with musicians, farmers and luthiers lead to questions which are then asked to other artists along the way, and so on. The trail unwinds in many directions at once, creating a rhizomatic map of connections through the country. 

The Driftwood Trail focuses on the people, their land, their instruments, their ideas, their stories. It unravels organically through inspiring encounters, favouring the free-rolling characters of the backwoods of the country and the lifestyles that embody a return to community living, small-scale farming and the ecology of hand to hand relationships.


Grosse Fugue

Éditions Grosse Fugue / Grosse Fugue Publishing

Grosse Fugue est une maison d’édition bilingue née à Montréal en 2018. Elle publie des poètes inédits de Montréal et d’ailleurs, ainsi que des artistes qui intègrent une dimension littéraire dans leur travail.

Grosse Fugue is a bilingual publishing house born in Montreal in 2018. They represent emerging poets from Montreal and elsewhere, as well as artists who integrate a literary dimension in their work.


The Big Rip

Feature Film (in development)

In a rural community of Nova Scotia, a character’s manic psychosis goes unnoticed amongst the other characters’ eccentricities and the chaotic construction of a local folk festival.


The story takes place in a rural community of Nova Scotia composed of lobster fishermen, small-scale farmers, odd-job construction workers, local teenagers, and a wealth of amateur folk musicians and performers. Viviane, a sexy foreign bourgeois widow who recently settled in the area, is experiencing a manic psychosis made evident by her growingly eccentric behaviour. Her psychosis goes unnoticed amongst the eccentricities of the other characters and the chaos created by the construction of a grandiose DIY folk festival in the backyard of her neighbour Elliott, a manic and charismatic lobster fisherman and musician.

After a failed attempt at robbing Viviane’s house, Ty, a travelling young man who struggles to fit in the community, gets hired by Viviane to look after her growing family of pets. Uneasy in his human relationships, Ty finds solace and raison d’être in the company of the animals he tends to, as well as with a quiet narcoleptic bagpiper, Chirp, whom he cradles and caresses like he does his animals.

Eugene, Elliott’s recently divorced older brother and a bitter carpenter, falls in love with Viviane. He ultimately recognizes the signs of her psychosis and reaches out just in time to rescue her amidst her breakdown. Viviane’s mental illness reaches climax as the folk festival commences, reuniting all other conflicts of the movie into one communal relieving catharsis.

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Enora Sanschagrin

Enora is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, publisher, film director and entrepreneur based in Montreal. She completed a BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University during which time she developed her practice in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography and cinema.

Her interest in combining artistic practices led her to found in 2018 the Driftwood Collective along with producer, musician and writer Daniel Connolly to pursue projects in music, arts, litterature and cinema.

As a literary branch of the collective, she founded in 2018 the independent publishing house Grosse Fugue in Montreal, which unites literature with visual arts in its publications, as well as music, poetry and performance arts in the related book launch events.


Daniel Connolly

Daniel is a producer, writer, actor and musician born and raised in rural Nova Scotia. He has been living between Montreal, Amsterdam and Nova Scotia for the last twelve years, writing songs, recording music and working on a variety of film projects on both sides of the Atlantic.

Trained as a carpenter since early childhood, he built barns in the maritimes, boats in the Netherlands and still takes pleasure in the trade in between his various producing jobs, which range from international campaigns for Destination Canada and UNICEF to music videos with Daddy Yankee.

In 2018 he founded the Driftwood Collective with multidisciplinary artist Enora Sanschagrin to focus his creativity in the writing and production of cinema and music projects.



Montreal, Canada

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